Make sure you're aware of the hazards you may face on the job and how to proceed in order to keep you and your team safe. Take the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils' (ARSC) ProtectWatch family of courses at Alliance Safety Council now! 

ProtectWatch includes:  

  • Confined Space (Computer-Based)
  • Fire Watch (Computer-Based)
  • Gas Monitoring (Computer-Based) 
  • Hands-On Fire Extinguisher (Instructor Led) 
  • Supplied Air Attendant (Instructor Led) 

Team members working in critical watch positions are encouraged to complete their computer-based training classes on the same day as instructor-led training as their schedule allows. Those who complete all ProtectWatch classes will have the ProtectWatch course code displayed on their council-issued badge. (Valid for one year. Expiration is based on the date of the first course taken).  


This training is available at Alliance's Baton Rouge facility
10099 N. Reiger Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Questions? Call (225) 766-0955 

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Confined Space

  • Identify conditions used to define a confined space
  • Distinguish between permit-required and non-permit required confined spaces
  • Determine requirements for using alternate entry procedures
  • Recognize potential hazards that may be in a confined space and identify methods to control hazards
  • And more!

Fire Watch

  • Identify hot work
  • Describe precautions, requirements and responsibilities for hot work
  • Define permit requirements for working in a hot work environment
  • Recognize the elements needed for fire, the classification of fires and how to extinguish a fire
  • And more!

Gas Monitoring

  • Identify the reasons for atmospheric monitoring
  • Describe why calibration of gas detection equipment is necessary
  • Understand the need for full calibration of gas detection instruments
  • Identify the atmospheric elements to be tested and the order of testing
  • And more!

Hands-On Fire Extinguisher

  • Identify the elements of an emergency action plan
  • List the classes of fire extinguishers
  • Explain the NFPA and HMIS labels
  • Identify the parts of the hazardous communication system
  • And more!


Supplied Air Attendant 

  • Identify the parts of respirators requiring inspection
  • Describe the elements in clean air
  • Describe the alarm systems associated with supplied air systems
  • Identify the parts of a respirator that require cleaning
  • And more!




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