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See how we can help you reduce accidents by up to 30% in the first year.


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A cost-effective, interactive training program that works.


Driver Risk Assessment identifies each individual driver's risks.

We measure these across six core competencies including driver attitude, danger zones, other motorists, defensive scanning, space management and speed management.


Telematics provides valuable insights.

Data shows the kinds of issues a driver may be having (swerving, stopping short, speeding, etc.) and provides the courses needed to address these issues.


Pulse training is the key.

The program is administered intermittently to reinforce good behaviors. This form of training has been shown to be more effective than alternative approaches.


Flexibility saves time.

Unlike most behind-the-wheel programs, alertdriving is designed to work with each driver’s schedule. With 15-minute courses, your drivers won’t miss a mile.


Scores are ranked and prioritized.

Monthly training is assigned based on these scores.


Get 24/7 access to training records.

This ensures you’ll always have access to course data, including which drivers have taken which courses and their scores.


Easy access for all your drivers.

Our courses are available in 78 languages and can be done on all devices (mobile, desktop, and tablet).

The solution is simple

Implementing alertdriving is easy. We do all the setup. And you end up with more alert drivers, which usually results in fewer accidents, lower insurance rates and better morale and business all around. 

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Available for cars, vans, trucks, two-passenger, powered two-wheelers and warehouse vehicles.